Flyer about Woodlands temporary market gets Malay & Tamil translations wrong

Not the first time.

Zhangxin Zheng | March 22, 06:15 pm


A flyer informing the public about a temporary market in Woodlands has been put up — riddled with translation errors.

The flyer was shared on Facebook by Vijaya Kandasamy, who pointed out that the fourth language in the flyer is not Tamil:

Temporary relocation of market

The flyer had been put up to inform Woodlands residents about a market being moved to a temporary location from June. 11, 2019.

The temporary market will be located next to Block 677, near Woodlands East Neighbourhood Police Centre.

The flyer showed a map of where the temporary market will be located, and the message comes in four languages.

Photo from Vijaya Kandasamy Facebook.

Wrong translations

While the English and Chinese translations read well enough, the Malay and Tamil translations were not as intelligible.

Kandasamy revealed that the flyer was translated into Hindi, instead of Tamil, which is one of the national official languages.

Screenshot from Vijaya Kandasamy Facebook.

The comments on the post also flagged the Malay translation as inaccurate as well.

The words in Malay said:

From 11 June 2019, we will look again for a market to area next to Woodlands East Neighbourhood Police Centre.

Screenshot from Vijaya Kandasamy Facebook.

A recent comment on the post updated that Member of Parliament Amrin Amin has been informed and the poster will be amended and replaced.

Screenshot from Vijaya Kandasamy Facebook.

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