This S$7.99 GrabFood subscription gets you 30 free deliveries & S$15 off every month

If you use food delivery services like your life depends on it, you should get this subscription.

Sponsored | March 28, 2019, 07:45 PM

We interrupt our regular programming with this peach of a deal.

In a bid to build more goodwill and generate more feel-good vibes on the Internet, Grab recently announced a subscription plan that makes little to no sense to their bottom line, depending on how sceptical you are.

Check this out: for just $7.99 per month -- the equivalent of about three delivery fees -- you get to enjoy free delivery on 30 GrabFood orders.

(Ok, technically 27 if you subtract that three away, but still).

This is basically great news for people who use food delivery services like their lives depend on it.

But wait, there’s more. As part of their launch promotion, you will also get two vouchers EVERY month.

$5 OFF (min spend $10)

$10 OFF (with min spend $20)

All these just mean more reasons to grab some chilli crab pizza from Domino’s.

The Chilli Crab Pizza from S$14.90.


You know what to do when you are craving for Crave.

Crave Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing at S$5.90.


Or just wanna carbo load for the long sleep ahead. That’s a PastaMania plug, by the way.

Marinara from S$12.90.


If you need some crunch in your life, you can turn to Popeyes.

Yummy 2pc Chicken Combo at S$9.30.

Photo from Grab

And nothing beats some dim sum fun from Canton Paradise.

Photo from Canton Paradise

And many more joints on the app. Do you really need spoon feeding?

With this free delivery subscription, you don’t need to choose between from restaurant A or B. Just get both and without the hassle of queuing.

Ok, here’s how a step-by-step guide to hurt Grab’s bottom line:

Courtesy of Grab

Subscriptions are renewed automatically monthly, but like many democracies, you can cancel at any time. Not sure who will want to cancel though.

Lol, click here to find out more about this cray deal.

Top photo via Grab.

This sponsored article by Grabfood is making this writer damn hungry.