Australian senator Fraser Anning’s logic blaming Muslims used against him as people blame eggs for him getting egged

He could have avoided getting smashed with egg if eggs weren't allowed into Australia.

Belmont Lay | March 17, 11:18 pm

Muslim-blaming politician getting egged

Seeing the antagonist getting egged is the second most cathartic experience.

Because seeing the antagonist getting egged and not being able to do anything manly in response is the most cathartic experience ever.

What are people doing in response?

Australians and people around the world are taking the mickey out of Muslim-blaming Australian senator Fraser Anning.

This comes one day after Anning got smashed with an egg by a teenager, and two days after the worst terror attacks occurred in New Zealand.

And a petition calling for Anning’s removal from parliament has received more than one million signatures after two days.

Turning his statement against him

In response to how daft and illogical Anning’s initial statement was when he blamed Muslims for the massacre of Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, his own words are now being turned into a meme and used against him.

Blame eggs for getting egged


Essentially, people around the world are saying that Anning got egged only because eggs are allowed in Australia.


This is taking Anning’s rationale that Muslims getting attacked was a result of Muslims coming into New Zealand in the first place.

What it shows

Given a chance to speak out against bad ideas, humanity has time and again allowed the better angels of our nature to shine through.

It also illustrates how badly conceived Anning’s victim-blaming comments and worldview are.

This is nothing short of comeuppance for Anning by using his own thinking against him — a demonstrable moment, in fact.

Anning getting smashed by an egg essentially turned into a teachable moment to show why Muslim-blaming is stupid and illogical.

People around the world are making egg-blaming a thing now precisely because it makes no sense.

And a visceral reaction stemming from seeing Anning getting egged has become a cerebral one.

Almost overnight.

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