In 2013, UK metal band Cradle of Filth had S’pore concert venue cancelled 3 days before event

It was supposed to be their first concert in Singapore.

Tanya Ong | March 11, 01:34 pm

You might recall that recently, Swedish heavy metal band Watain had their concert cancelled hours before it was supposed to happen:

Swedish black metal band Watain S’pore concert cancelled by IMDA on the day itself

But it’s also worth bearing in mind that this was hardly the first time a metal band experienced difficulties holding a concert in Singapore.

In 2013, UK metal band Cradle of Filth had their concert venue cancelled three days before their show, and in a vein similar to Watain’s concert, became a meet-and-greet with fans instead.

Supposed to take place at St James Power Station

That year, Cradle of Filth was scheduled to play in Singapore for the first time. The concert was supposed to take place at St James Power Station.

However, three days before the event, the venue owners decided to pull out.

According to an AsiaOne report, Dennis Foo, chief executive of St James Holdings, explained that he made this decision after someone alerted him about the band’s background.

Foo said then that Cradle of Filth’s songs contained “heavy (anti-religious) elements and vulgarities”, and as a “responsible operator”, he added that St James could not allow these types of performances on its premises.

Meet-and-greet at TAB instead

In response to the venue owners’ decision, local concert organiser Inokii then announced on its Facebook page that the band would be holding a meet-and-greet session instead.

This would cost S$83, meaning that ticket-holders would be given a partial refund on the original amounts they had paid for the concert tickets.

The meet-and-greet included an opportunity to take photographs with the band, get autographs and receive merchandise such as shirts and posters.

Those who chose not to attend the session were allowed to opt for a full refund.

The meet-and-greet took place at local bar TAB, in Orchard Hotel.

This was Inokii’s Facebook post:

A controversial touring T-shirt

Formed in 1991, Cradle of Filth is an English band known for their black and symphonic metal with gothic elements.

The band is fronted by lead vocalist Dani Filth.

During their early days, they were known for producing anti-religious clothes and merchandise.

In 1993, in particular they stirred controversy with an anti-religious T-shirt they created for a tour.

The front of the T-shirt depicted a nun engaged in a sexual act while the back has the words “Jesus is a C***”

This shirt, one that a Rolling Stones interview called “the most controversial T-shirt in rock history”, drew hostility ever since.

In the same interview, Filth said the shirt was intended to be “rebellious” and “anarchic” rather than satanic.

By the 2000s, though, the band gradually moved away from this controversial image.

Top photo via Cradle of Filth’s Facebook page.

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