SATS investigating 2 female staff filmed fighting on Changi Airport tarmac

Some bags in the vicinity were trampled in the process.

Matthias Ang | March 18, 09:02 pm

Changi Airport ground-handling and airline catering company SATS is investigating two female staff who were filmed fighting on the airport tarmac.

On Monday, March 18, The Straits Times posted a video of the fight. The 30-second-long video, which appears to have been submitted to them, shows two women fighting on what appears to be a patch of tarmac at Changi Airport as several of their colleagues attempt to separate them.

According to ST, the incident happened on Sunday, March 17, 2019.

Here’s the video:

Bags strewn on ground

The video begins with two women, dressed in what appears to be the SATS staff uniform of black pants and red-and-grey shirt under a yellow safety vest.

Both are caught in a body lock, attempting to land blows on each other.

Multiple cries of “Please stop fighting!” in Chinese can be heard throughout the video, while most of the remaining female staff are seen attempting to break up the brawl.

Midway through the video, one of the women attempting to break up the fight can be seen tripping over a black bag. She falls backwards onto the ground, landing and stepping on another bag in the process. Other bags are seen strewn on the ground.

Near the end of the video, a male SATS staff member dressed in a white shirt steps in to intervene, and separates the women.

Staff to be dealt with according to regulations

In response to Mothership’s queries, SATS said:

“We are conducting a thorough investigation of the incident. We have zero tolerance for any breach of conduct at the airside. Staff in question will be dealt with in accordance with regulations.”

It is unclear what the cause of the fight was, but according to ST, the two women have been suspended.

Top image collage screenshots from The Straits Times YouTube video 

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