Capricorn man offers lady job, coincidentally rescinds offer after she rejects him for date

Oh no.

Nyi Nyi Thet | March 12, 11:31 am

Developing relationships at work can be a rather complicated issue, as the thin veneer of impartiality might be further compromised by romantic feelings.

And that might even be the case for prospective colleagues, as one Sapphire Suki from Malaysia found out.

On March 10, 2019, Suki told the story of how she nearly almost, but not really, got a job.

A man, who might have possibly known her before this entire fiasco, had asked her to work in his comic book company, a position Suki was really interested in.

After a day of being taught the ropes, the man, whom we shall call Willy, texted Suki at night with a rather inappropriate proposition.

To which Suki gave this very understandable query.

Screenshot from Suki

Willy gave a water-tight answer to satiate her fears.

You know how Capricorns are.

Rejection and Rejection

Willy tried a few more unsuccessful attempts at squeezing out a relationship, with Suki generally deflecting these attempts with quite a deft touch.

Take note of the American friend, because Willy definitely will.

Image from Suki’s Facebook

This is when it dawns on Willy that he might not be getting that relationship he wanted after all.

While he appears genuinely willing to respect Suki’s decision…

He coincidentally remembers that he wasn’t going to hire her two minute later.

Willy vehemently denied that the change in tone, and job offer, was due to the fact that Suki had just rejected him.

For some reason he brought up a relationship analogy to explain why she would be too busy for the job.

When pressed on the timing of the revelation, Willy insisted that this was a valid concern he’s had for a while now.

He was also apparently a bad boy.

Typical Capricorn.

Now, even if you found the timing of the offer being rescinded a bit iffy, considering that she just rejected him, at least he cut it off without any inappropriate and unsolicited advice with regards to her personal life.

Unsolicited advice in regards to her personal life

But Willy couldn’t sleep.

So around two hours later, he texted Suki again, this time to ensure she had some really good relationship advice from a man who just took a job away from her.

Apparently, he hadn’t really forgotten about that American friend Suki had mentioned in passing earlier.

He also warned her to not be too friendly, lest she ends up as a sex slave.

Nice guy.

You can read Suki’s full post here.

Image collated from Suki’s Facebook page

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