Couple in Taiwan breaks up after boyfriend prepares S$316 red packet for girlfriend’s parents

Oh no.

Joshua Lee | February 8, 06:42 pm


Deciding how much to gift in a red packet is one of the most stressful things to do during Chinese New Year.

And this guy experienced it for himself during the recent festive period.

According to Taiwanese media NowNews, a netizen in Taiwan and his girlfriend broke up after she complained that his red packets for her parents were too “small”.

While he initially wanted to give each parent NT$3,600 (S$158), she felt that the amount should be NT$6,600 (S$290) for each parent.

The unnamed guy shared his dilemma on social media with screenshots of the conversation between himself and his (ex) girlfriend:

We’ve been going out for about two months. She wanted me to visit her parents for Chinese New Year…she thought my NT$3,600 for a red packet was too little…☹️


PS: Our last phone conversation ~ Realised we have very different values. Decided to break up after serious consideration. 💔

He ended his post with a clarification that he was just ranting about his experience and did not mean for it to become a public trial.

According to NowNews, the guy confirmed in a subsequent comment they are no longer together.

Here are his screenshots of the conversation, with our translations:

GF: What time is your family having your reunion dinner?

BF: 6pm 😀

GF: Then will you be able to pick me up at 7.30pm?

BF: Sure 🙂

GF: By the way, have you prepared your red packet? Don’t forget about it when you meet my mum and dad tomorrow

BF: Yup…I will remember

GF: How much money did you prepare?

BF: Each NT$3,600 (S$158) ☺️

GF: (WTF sticker)

GF: We’re celebrating the new year, not attending a wedding dinner! Don’t you feel a NT$3,600 (S$158) red packet is a little disrespectful? I hope you can be more sincere when it comes to my family. Many of my relatives will be coming over tomorrow. If you give my parents some “face”, it will help us in future.

BF: So…How much do you think I should give? ☹️

GF: NT$6,600 each! 六六大顺*

*The number six sounds like the Chinese character “to flow”. 六六大顺 means to have all your endeavours be smooth-sailing.

After two calls and three hours later:

GF: I know you have not gone to bed. Are you still angry? Is my request unreasonable? You said before that communication is key in a relationship. Now you’re the one who refuses to communicate with me!

GF: I allowed you to pick me up before the movie tomorrow because I’m letting you meet my parents. It shows that I have already approved of you. Now, you don’t think I am worth the sacrifice? Don’t you see my parents as your own family?

GF: I want to continue this relationship with you. I don’t wish for this small issue to affect our relationship. Goodnight.

The next morning, the guy returned her messages with the following:

BF: I think you are the one who refuses to communicate.

BF: I said before that we need to plan when it comes to our personal finances. You cannot keep spending everything that you earn.

BF: I’m the one who foots the bill for practically all of our outside expenses but I have never made a fuss about it. But I always see you going out with your friends eating big meals, singing, shopping. I’ve said before that it isn’t wrong to indulge in personal recreation but you should spend within your means.

BF: Think about it…You don’t need to set aside money for parents’ allowance or rent, what you earn is what you spend. You’re so much luckier than other people.

GF: By telling me all these, you’re blaming me for being a burden? Being with me is too financially draining?

BF: If I really blamed you, would I have prepared a red packet for your parents..😶

GF: Do you think a NT$3,600 (S$158) red packet is acceptable?

GF: (angry sticker)

BF: Forget it! I think we have very different values. We won’t be happy if we continue like this.

GF: If you’re not happy, just break up!


BF: I hope you will find someone who is just right for you.

For Singapore readers, a S$158 red packet might not seem like much. However, one has to bear in mind that the average salary of a person in Taiwan is low. In Taiwan, over 70 per cent of people under 35 earn less than NT$40,000 (S$1,760) a month.

Definitely a memorable Chinese New Year for all parties involved, even if it’s for the wrong reason.

Top image by Joshua Lee. 

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