Superbike with covered S’pore license plate caught speeding at 253kmh in M’sia ridden by S’porean

Getting caught is a matter of time.

Belmont Lay | February 11, 01:06 am


Some Singapore-registered motorcycles were recently caught on video riding in a large pack along the Malaysian highway with their license plates blacked out.

S’pore superbikes cover up license plates while riding in packs along M’sian highway

The purpose of blacking out the license plates was allegedly to avoid the Automated Enforcement System that identifies motorists who break speed limits in Malaysia.

Some of these bikers appeared to have been caught

Chinese-language Malaysian news outlet See Hua Daily News claimed on Feb. 4 that a group of motorcyclists have since been caught by the Malaysian police.

This group of motorcyclists had black tape over their license plates and were seen supposedly being made to pay a fine at a local kiosk.

One of the photos showed what looked like a speed camera logging the speed of the Singapore-registered motorcycle travelling at 253kmh.

Singaporean passport

Milo Suam, another Malaysian news site, shared photos of one of the motorcyclists’ Singaporean passport as proof that the rider was from out of town.

The passport showed the Singaporean’s full identity, and revealed that he is in his mid-20s.

But it is not known if this is the same group of bikers that were caught on the Roads.sg video.

Singapore clamping down on foreign motorists who don’t pay fines

Motorists breaking the law overseas has been in the news.

Locally, from April 1, 2019, foreign vehicles with “a number” of outstanding fines may be denied entry into Singapore, five government agencies revealed on Friday, Feb. 1.

This is so as motorists of foreign vehicles have chalked up S$32 million in unpaid fines in Singapore.

The outstanding fines were from about 400,000 traffic, parking and vehicular emission offences.

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