Mum who let her kids play with bicycle shop display in Ngee Ann City told it’s not alright

The store responded, saying that the bicycle on display is 'not a toy'.

Tanya Ong | February 11, 02:20 pm


An angry mother has taken to Facebook to share her experience at SunnyHills, a retail store at Ngee Ann City.

Should be allowed to play with bicycle

In her post on Feb. 10, she wrote that a SunnyHills staff called security to have her two children removed from the premises.

Why? Because they were supposedly spinning the wheels of a bicycle on display outside the shop.

This is what the bicycle on display looks like:

Photo via SunnyHills at Orchard Facebook

In her complaint, the mother said that one cannot expect to “not have children pass by and be interested in the bike”, nor can one expect that turning the wheels would “spoil” the bike.

Calling security to remove her children from the premises was “absolutely unnecessary”, she said.

This is her Facebook post:

Store defended by people online

Responding to this complaint, several comments came out in defence of the store.

They emphasised that the bicycle is a display piece, and pointed out that children could get injured from playing with it.

Some also argued that the bicycle belongs to the store.

And if the staff instructed the children not to touch the bicycle, the mother should respect their wishes.

One even wrote:

“In our society, we don’t go around playing with other people’s stuff without permission. Especially if they have said not to touch it.”

The mother subsequently responded to some comments, claiming that the bicycle’s “sole purpose… is to have its wheels turning”.

She also added that she was observing her children at all times to make sure “they did not do anything untoward”.

SunnyHills’ response

In response to the mother’s complaint, SunnyHills apologised and thanked her for her feedback.

They stated that the bicycle is a shop display and “not meant to be a toy”.

They also explained that they often warn customers about potential accidents and damages when it comes to children.

The matter will be further investigated.

This is their post:


Top photo via SunnyHills Facebook.


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