Muslim couple in M’sia hailed for demonstrating religious harmony by selling CNY pig figurines

They don't think it conflicts with their religion.

Tanya Ong | February 1, 03:42 pm


A Muslim couple in Sabah has earned kudos for selling pig-related merchandise for Chinese New Year.

Selling pig figurines

According to a report by Free Malaysia Today, the couple, Adam Baderun and Yuslina Badrum, were spotted selling pig figurines at the Riverson Walk bazaar at Kota Kinabalu Times Square.

This is in conjunction with the Year of the Pig, where the zodiac animal is celebrated this Chinese New Year.

Here are some photos of the couple with their merchandise:

Other than pig figurines, the couple also sold a wide array of laser-cut items specially designed for Chinese New Year.

See no issue with what they’re selling

While Muslims consider pigs to be unclean, Yuslina explained that she does not see a problem with selling pig figurines because selling such items “will not shake [their] beliefs”:

“In the peninsula, the very mention of babi or pig will raise red flags. But for us, we know our faith. Selling the icons will not shake our beliefs. We don’t consume the meat, and the items are just art…

Pigs and dogs are God’s creation as well. As long as you keep to your own religion, like not consuming swine meat, you’re okay.”

Adam also added that his parents are aware that he is selling such items and is fully supportive of their endeavour.

Tolerance is important in multi-religious setting

This is not the first time the couple has sold items that may be perceived to conflict with their religious beliefs.

In the past, they have also sold decorative pieces commemorating Easter and Christmas.

To them, they said that they have learned to “appreciate [their] respective beliefs” in the “multiracial and multi-religious setting” that they live in:

“In Sabah, we live in a multiracial and multi-religious setting, and we tolerate each other. We learn to appreciate our respective beliefs.”


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Top photo via yuslina_b’s Instagram.

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