S’pore Zoo’s pregnant giraffe, Lucy, dies of cardiac arrest while having foetus extracted

That's devastating.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 5, 09:32 pm


Singapore Zoo’s Lucy the giraffe has died of cardiac arrest.

Lucy had earlier faced birthing complications, and after 48 hours of continuous watch and supportive care, natural delivery was considered unfeasible, and the baby was given a near-zero percent chance of survival.

The keepers and veterinary team then decided to extract the foetus from Lucy.

It was during this process that Lucy suffered a cardiac arrest, despite their best efforts and more than 10 minutes of attempting to resuscitate her, Lucy could not be revived.

Lucy officially passed away on Feb. 5, 2019.

Pregnancy and labour

Originally from The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Israel, Lucy was 14 when she got pregnant in 2018.

There was much excitement, with a nursery even being built in anticipation of the newborn.

Lucy went into labour over the weekend.

But as stated above, complications arose.

The ones most devastated by this news are probably her carers.

“For her keepers and the veterinary team who have been monitoring her progress in gestation for the past many months, and who have been on constant watch over her since the last 48 hours, it was a very bitter ending.

All of us at WRS would like to show our appreciation and support for Lucy’s care team for their dedication, love and care they have provided to Lucy. Our hearts are with them during this hard time.”

Rest in peace, Lucy.

Image from WRS

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