Netizens share epic bouquet ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

So innovative.

Zhangxin Zheng | February 14, 02:12 pm


Valentine’s Day is here.

Nowadays, couples and vendors have upped their game in creating bouquets that are not just flowers.

Here are some pretty creative examples.

The bouquets that we all need

Photo from Shipon Mozumder.
Photo from mollyfloristmy.

For foodies

Photo from The Beast.
Photo from Malissa Rml.
Photo from Cristina Roldan.
Photo from Janice Delfin Gengco.
Photo from Aninda Kusumawati.
Photo from Rhiena Lhynn Redoma.

For those who are on a diet:

Photo from Petalsnote.
Photo from Corpuz Agas Margaux
Photo from Indh Ay.
Photo from Verna Gara.

If you guys just had a quarrel and want to make up for it

Photo from Nur Fadilah

For those who love plushies

Photo from Janice Lim
Photo from Sharon Leong
Photo from Michelle Goh


Photo from Sofia Candelario Ambrocio
Photo from mollyfloristmy.
Photo from Gretchen Rose Cartagena


Top photo collage from Gretchen Rose Cartagena, Shipon Mozumder and Verna Gara

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