S’pore redditor has the best Chinese New Year story involving “beautiful” cousin & epic plot twist

Didn't see that one coming.

Mandy How | February 7, 05:13 pm


Chinese New Year is commonly associated with meeting distant relatives that one may or may not remember exist.

Thankfully, that conundrum is easily solved by addressing everyone as “uncle” or “auntie”.

This unfortunately, however, didn’t seem to work for Reddit user throwmef*ckingaway (whom we shall truncate as TMFA).

Didn’t meet cousins for 15 years

In a post on Feb. 6, 2019, the forum user presented a difficult question: “How do I ask my female cousin if she’s transgender?”

He explains that when he was eight, TMFA remembers playing with two male cousins who were around the same age.

However, “something happened”, and said user went out of touch with his cousins for 15 years.

Recently, however, the families reconciled, and TMFA met his cousins again.

However, the forum user only saw one of his male cousins, and another “beautiful girl” that he assumed was his male cousin’s girlfriend, as they seemed rather close.

Question received no response

But when TMFA looked at their family photos, all he saw were five family members: Grandmother, mum, dad, male cousin, and pretty girl.

Which led him to think that his cousin and the girl were married.

Puzzled over the disappearance of his second male cousin, TMFA asked his family, “Hey wasn’t there also another brother?”

But he received no response.

“Here’s where it gets weird. I’m pretty sure I said that loudly but nobody in the room responded at all. Everyone acted as if they didn’t hear any question.”

An awkward realisation

That was when the user realised that the “beautiful girl” wasn’t his cousin’s wife or girlfriend, but the second male cousin that he used to play with.

As the families were meeting again the following week, TMFA sought the advice of other Redditors on how to interact with his transgender female cousin — namely, if he should “act blur” or question her directly.

The other Redditors had some useful advice for him:

Plot twist

But all that became moot when TMFA updated his post:

“Edit: So I asked my parents and it turns out I never had two male cousins. She was just a very an extremely boyish looking girl when she was young. Now excuse me while I bury myself.”

Great going.

Here’s his post in full:

You can read the entire thread here.

Top image via Reddit Singapore and Humphrey Muleba/Unsplash

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