Metal straws for strawless Yakults now available online at S$2.90

Do you really need this?

Zhangxin Zheng | January 23, 08:48 pm


Starting from this year, the packet of Yakult drinks will not be accompanied with plastic straws.

The alternative way of drinking is to open the aluminium lid and drink directly from the bottle.

Yakult S’pore to stop providing straws from 2019 onwards, S’poreans react

Yakult metal straws

While the majority of Yakult drinkers have no qualms with the change, some netizens suggest that young children might really need straws for drinking.

Screenshot from Mothership.sg.
Screenshot from Mothership.sg.

With that, a website called The Last Straw came up with metal straws for Yakult to provide an option for those who cannot do without straws.

Each 11-cm metal straw comes with a 15-cm mini cleaning brush, is selling at S$4.90 originally.

That is more expensive than a pack of Yakult which costs about S$3.20.

However, these straws are tested in local labs and are verified to be safe to use.

To make the offer as sweet as Yakult, the metal straw and cleaning brush cost S$2.90 after a discount. 

Screenshot from The Last Straw website.

Get it only if you really need it.

And don’t lose it.

Top photo from The Last Straw

Other entrepreneurial Singaporeans that sell plastic Yakult straws as vintage items:

Yakult straws sold on Carousell as ‘vintage collectibles’ for up to S$1,000

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