The incredibly popular Xiaomi wireless vacuum cleaner is available for only S$60

Looks good.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 1, 09:26 pm

Xiaomi might be known more as a handphone brand than a household appliance producer, but it actually dabbles in just about everything.

And I mean everything.

Xiaomi’s business trajectory is quickly becoming more Muji than Apple

So it’s no surprise that they’ve gotten into the vacuum cleaner business.

What is surprising is just how well-received it’s been.

Here is the Xiaomi Youpin Cleanfly.

And here it is in action.


It has a 5,000 pa suction, coupled with two massive 2,000 mAh batteries, that provides a total of 90 minutes of usage time on a single charge.

According to GearBest, the vacuum can be fully charged within just 13 minutes.

Although another report by Xiaomitoday, and info on product specs, puts the charging time as 1.5 hours, and the operation time as 13 minutes.

GearBest went on to call it a product with excellent portability and design.

It is so popular in China that when it was in the crowdfunding phase, it raised one million yuan (S$200,000) in about six hours.

All the initial products on sale were also snapped up immediately.

The product is now available on qoo10 at S$60, with a discounted price of S$49.90 for a limited amount of customers.

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