S’poreans record poignant last moments before analogue TV signal extinguished on Jan. 1, 2019


Nyi Nyi Thet | January 2, 12:55 pm

If you’ve switched on any free-to-air programme for the last few months, you will probably have been warned of the then-imminent switch to digital tv (DTV).

You would have also received the notification letter from the IMDA to inform you about obtaining the necessary equipment to make the switch to DTV.

Or see a banner like this.

Source: IMDA Facebook.

Even with that lengthy notice period though, goodbyes are still tough to swallow.

A post on Reddit by u/Singapura_ showed an image of the death of analogue on Channel U.

Image from Reddit Singapore

Another Reddit user, u/Seryup also compiled a few videos showcasing the end of analogue.

Some viewers were treated to a brief warning before the complete closure.

For example, this.

Screenshot from Trev Lim
Screenshot from Trev Lim

Others just saw a screen of black right after the end.

That’s why these few videos showcase a somewhat poignant moment where Singapore, once again, left an archaic part of itself behind.

Channel 8


Channel 5


Someone actually uploaded a 20 minute countdown towards the end of analogue.

But the most poignant memory will remain with viewers who were watching Okto.

Okto ends transmission at around midnight, so they will play the national anthem to signal the end of the day’s broadcast.

But for this case, the visual of Onwards Singapore, followed by a blank screen showcased quite a bit of unintended poignance.


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