Young single mother in S’pore who got pregnant at 20, talks about discrimination she faced & is still facing now


Nyi Nyi Thet | January 16, 04:53 pm


Shermaine Chngy found out she was pregnant when she was 20.

It came as an added shock because she was on the pill then.

She still hadn’t finished polytechnic studies, and was naturally terrified.

Despite the thought of abortion crossing her mind, she strengthened her resolve to keep the baby after hearing its heartbeat for the first time.

The decision to keep the baby though, was just one of many tough decisions and obstacles she has faced since then.

In an interview with HoneyKids Asia, Chngy went into detail about these very challenges.

Discrimination and judgement

Chngy faced judgement from all quarters, during, and after her pregnancy.

Some of her friends told her she was ruining her life when she decided to keep the baby.

After having her child, random aunties on the street would ask if she was educated, or why she didn’t choose to have an abortion.

It didn’t help that the father made it clear he wanted nothing to do with Chngy’s child, Everleigh.


Luckily for Chngy though, her family has been a great source of support.

She told HoneyKids Asia:

“My parents help out a lot. My dad is a really doting grandfather and both him and my mum look after my daughter while I study and work.”

Chngy also tries to be as involved as she can with her baby, as well as in school and extracurricular activities.

Juggling work, school and raising a child at the tender age of 24 is not easy.

Despite all this, she still feels a certain sense of social alienation, and wishes society could be kinder.

Read the full interview here.

H/T: HoneyKids Asia

Images collated from Chng’s Facebook


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