Super-windy weather expected to continue in S’pore for the rest January 2019

Good for laundry.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 25, 12:19 pm


You might have noticed some really strong winds lately.

Well that is expected to go on for just a while longer.

Because following the hotter than usual year-end weather, Singaporeans can finally enjoy some breezy days ahead for the rest of January, 2019.

It’s official, Dec. 2018 was definitely hotter than usual

Occasional windy and rainy days

According to the Meteorological Services Singapore (MSS), the prevailing Northeast Monsoon season is expected to continue in January.

That means on most days, Singaporeans will feel occasional bouts of windy weather, especially those living or working in the northern and eastern areas.

Also, as a result of solar heating of land areas, Singapore is expected to have four to six days of thundery showers in the afternoon.

With the monsoon rainband shifting south to the Java Sea region, there might be passing showers in the day.

Overall, the rainfall for January is likely to be below normal, and temperatures for the rest of January will range between 24°C and 33°C.

Sounds like great weather for spring cleaning.

Top photo by Flickr user Fritz Park

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