Facebook post about S’pore driver hitting & killing pregnant Malayan Tiger in JB is not true

Actually happened in Kuala Lumpur.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 17, 04:16 pm


A Facebook post circulating online claiming a Singapore-registered car hit a tiger is actually not true.

Circulated post about the roadkill

The photo was initially shared in a post on Facebook group, Singapore Taxi Driver, on Jan. 17.

The post has been shared over 500 times in less than four hours.

The post stated that a rare Malayan Tiger was killed instantly after getting hit by a Singapore-registered car at a toll in Tanjung Kupang, near Second Link highway.

Here’s a screenshot of the post, if you have not seen it:

Screenshot from Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook group.

a Singapore registered car hit into a tiger at 2am at toll of Tanjung Kupang near Second Link highway after leaving Singapore into Johor Bahru. The tiger (Malayan Tiger) was killed on the spot. It was lucky for a car driver, a superbike rider can never be lucky to be chased by a tiger.

Accident happened in Malaysia back in 2016

The photo was from an incident in Malaysia three years ago on February, 2016.

A pregnant Malayan tiger was killed by a vehicle while crossing the East Coast Highway II, an extension of an expressway which starts from Kuala Lumpur, not Johor, to Karak. 

The highway cuts through a pristine forest reserve which supports wildlife such as this critically-endangered Malayan tiger.

The post-mortem examination found two dead foetuses in the tiger. 


Although the accident happened in Malaysia, roadkill is not uncommon in Singapore.

Occasionally, elusive wild animals such as Sambar deers and pangolins have been knocked down by vehicles in Singapore.

Another rare sambar deer hit by vehicle at Mandai Road

Critically-endangered Sunda pangolin found dead along Upper Thomson Road

Wild boar killed by a lorry outside Waterway Point in Punggol

Drive slow while in nature reserves.

These tigers be lion.

Video of lone Malayan tiger casually strolling on the road did not take place in Mersing, Johor

Top photo collage from Alfa Izz Facebook post and screenshot of Free Malaysia Today


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