Salted Egg Xiang Guo topped with real yolk & fish skin available at Golden Mile Food Centre

According to early reviews, this sauce is the real deal.

Joshua Lee | January 12, 05:50 pm

If you’re a fan of Mala Xiang Guo (translated as Mala Fragrant Pot) and salted egg yolk, you might enjoy this.

Three Good Guys is a hawker stall located in Golden Mile Food Centre that may be the first place in Singapore to offer salted egg Xiang Guo, essentially a salted egg variety of Mala Xiang Guo.

Without further ado, photos:

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Salted egg fans, you will love this! The sauce is really thick, rich and creamy, and they use plenty of it (plus some curry leaves and chilli padi) to stir-fry whatever ingredients you choose from the display in the refrigerated cabinet. As a finishing touch, complimentary pieces of crispy fish skin are scattered all over. I had picked mostly vegetables, beancurd items, sliced pork belly and instant noodles myself, and after being stirfried, these amounted to a gigantic bowl that cost $14.50 and could be shared between 2 to 3 pax. When carrying the bowl from the stall to my table, and even whilst I was in the middle of eating, people actually stopped me to ask where I had gotten the dish from. I guess it is hard to ignore something so big, tasty looking and wafting with good smells. All credit for the discovery of @threegoodguys must be given to @marketkitchentable. He had messaged me about them on Instagram just when lunch plans were being tabled at the Burpple office. Honestly, his timing couldn’t have been better. Anyway, “Three Good Guys” (translated from “三个好人”) is located on the upper level of #beachroadhawkercentre at stall unit #01-108. Barely a week old, it’s opened and run by a trio of young Singaporeans who had met at their previous workplace (nope, not a food-related company). Actually, none of them have any F&B background (so try and be patient if your order takes a little longer to be ready) but they do strike me as being savvy with their catchy branding and display signs. One of them shared with me their target customers are not Chinese nationals but young locals, which is why although their set-up resembles most “Ma La” stalls, their aim is to serve what is “trending“. Hence, besides “Ma La”, they offer their own superb Salted Egg Sauce for now, are planning to introduce more options in the future. #veronicaphuaeats #threegoodguys #saltedegg #xiangguo #mala #闲蛋 #香锅 #burpproved #burpple #burpplesg #foreverhungry #stirfry #younghawkers #hawkersg #hawkerfood #sghawker #foodie #sgfoodies #sgfood #instaeat #foodspotting #foodporn #igfood #igfoodies #exploresingaporeeats #exploresingapore

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Image credit: Facebook user Xiumei Ng.

Ingredient pricing

Just like a normal xiang guo, you pick and choose the ingredients you want stir-fried into the salted egg sauce:

  • Vegetable (S$1)
  • Meat (S$2)
  • Beef (S$3)
  • Instant noodles (S$2)
  • Seafood (S$3)

The salted-egg xiang guo comes with a base price of S$3.50. If you prefer to stick to mala xiang guo (which Three Good Guys also sells), the base price is S$2.

Image courtesy of Three Good Guys.

Depending on how you see it, these might be considered reasonably priced ingredients.

Typical Mala Xiang Guo places charge by weight. Here, the pricing system is similar to that of a yong tau foo stall where you pay per item.

Available ingredients include pork belly, beef cubes, tau kee, prawns, mushrooms, kangkong, cabbage, broccoli, beancurd puffs, meatballs and much, much more.

Salted egg sauce contains real yolk

Your selected ingredients are then stir-fried and doused in a thick and creamy salted egg yolk sauce containing real chunks of yolk, curry leaves, and chilli padi. It is then topped with fried fish skin. This means to say the salted egg sauce here is the real deal, unlike a salted egg yolk offering by a certain fast food chain.

You can also opt to garnish your bowl with coriander and peanuts.

If the end product sounds very rich and decadent, you’re right. It might be better to share your bowl with a friend if you want to avoid a sore throat the next day.

According to a local food site, the eponymous trio are ex-colleagues who ventured into the business without prior F&B experience. After spending a year perfecting their recipe, the three of them opened Three Good Guys.

Here they are working in their kitchen:

And here’s their stall:

Image credit: Facebook user Cheryl Alessandra Chew.

Rave reviews on Facebook

Three Good Guys have only been open for about a week but have already managed to get very good reviews. Customers particularly enjoyed the fresh ingredients, friendly staff, and excellent salted egg yolk sauce.

Looks like you might have to queue if you intend to check them out. Happy eating!

Three Good Guys

Address: 505 Beach Road, #01-108, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583 (map)

Opening hours: 12pm – 9pm daily

Top images by Instagram user @xilfon and Facebook user Xiumei Ng.

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