Elon Musk & Tan Min-Liang Twitter chat might lead to Tesla powering Razer’s S’pore HQ

Somebody called it the best crossover since Infinity War.

Mandy How | January 5, 12:47 pm

Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang has learned a thing or two about making conversation on Twitter and muscling into the news cycle.

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Tweets Elon Musk

A recent Twitter exchange between Tan and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has left followers in anticipation of a large-scale collaboration.

Tan is Singaporean and Razer is a company that produces gaming technology listed in Hong Kong, while Tesla is an American automotive and energy company founded by Musk.

The whole thing started on Jan. 3, when a user asked Musk why Tesla was not in Singapore:

That was when Tan, whose headquarters will be completed in Singapore in 2020, extended a collaboration to Musk.

Musk then appeared to accept it:

After saying that he would connect Tan with Tesla Energy, Musk even added that he liked Tan’s gaming equipment.

To which Tan replied almost flirtatiously:

Around the same time, Tan tagged Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in the exchange as well:

Tan seems really keen for the collaboration, too:

While another Twitter user supported the blooming bromance:

A good bet:

Early Razer investor Lee Hsien Yang can turn his US$300,000 into US$8.2m in IPO event

Top image from Elon Musk and Tan Min-Liang’s Facebook page

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