Pokemon GO taxi tour brings people around S’pore to catch Pokemon at ulu places

Gotta catch 'em all.

Joshua Lee | January 7, 04:30 pm

If you’re a Pokemon GO fan, and often find yourself missing out on great Pokemon spots just because you do not drive, perhaps this might interest you.

SG Cab has a taxi tour that brings Pokemon GO players across Singapore to catch them all.

You can go on a solo Pokemon GO tour or book one for a maximum of 13 people. There are two types of rides: a 7-seater taxi or a 13-seater mini bus.

According to SG Cab, this is what the 13-seater mini bus looks like:

The tour costs S$40 an hour and must be booked for a minimum of four hours each time, regardless of the number of people going.

This means the minimum amount one person pays for 4-hour Pokemon GO tour is S$12.30, assuming you are part of a group of 13 players.

Bear in mind that there is a S$12 midnight fee for trips from 11.30pm to 7am.

According to SG Cab, these are the remote places they will take you to:

  • Stanpack Industries
  • Nirvana Memorial Garden
  • Sungei Gedong Road
  • Lim Chu Kang
  • Neo Tiew Crescent
  • Kranji Beach Battle Site
  • Kranji War Memorial
  • Singapore Night Safari
  • Big Squirt Stone BenchPunggol Promenade
  • SAF Ferry Terminal
  • Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
  • W Singapore @ Sentosa Cove
  • Sunset Bay Restaurant

According to the below PokedexSG map, some of the spots that the tour claims to bring you to are potential PokeStops and gym locations so you can battle and recharge as you hunt for Pokemon.

Nirvana Memorial Centre.


Several potential PokeStops at Lim Chu Kang.
Several PokeStops at Neo Tiew Crescent.

SG Cab claims that their tours cover “all the major Pokémon hotspots in the country” and their drivers will wait patiently as you hunt for as many Pokemon as you want.  If your hunting makes you hungry, the drivers can also stop at food places during the tour. 

Check out this map by PokedexSG for more catalogued PokeStops and gyms:

If you’re interested in booking a taxi tour head over to SG Cab’s website here or drop a WhatsApp message to Khan at 9822 4405. Happy hunting!

Top images by SG Cab. 

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