Bishan pet cat, missing for a month, may have gone looking for dog best friend who died

His owner has been searching for him through the night, every night, since Dec. 21, 2018.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 15, 08:37 pm


Torrey is a rather grumpy-looking male cat who lives in Bishan’s Clover Crescent private housing estate.

Until November last year, he had a best friend in a dog, who lived in the same home.

According to their owner, the two had been very close buddies for 12 years, almost since Torrey was a kitten. 

Here’s a photo of them chilling together. 

Photo provided by Marcus Lee.

Dog dies, kitty leaves

Sadly, Torrey’s doggo friend died of old age in late November last year. By this time, Torrey is also more than 10 years old — reasonably mature for a kitty (indoor cats have average life spans of between 12 and 18 years).

Soon after the dog’s passing, Torrey went missing and has not been spotted since Dec. 20 last year.

Oddly enough, according to Torrey’s owner, as represented by Facebook user Marcus Lee, this is the first time in more than a decade that he left the house alone — leading his owner to suspect he may have ventured out to look for his dear friend.

Unfortunately, although somebody reported finding him on Dec. 16, by the time the owner discovered it and contacted the person who found it, the cat had somehow disappeared again the night before.

Screenshot via Marcus Lee’s Facebook post

According to Lee in comments on a post he put up in Facebook group Lost and Found Pets in Singapore, she is particularly concerned about his disappearance because he is old.

Screenshot via Marcus Lee’s Facebook post

Here’s a close-up shot of Torrey, who has a coat of fluffy grey fur and green-gold eyes, and a short fluffy tail.

Photo from a screenshot provided by Marcus Lee.

And here’s another picture of him from the post:

Photo via Marcus Lee’s Facebook post

Last seen in Clover Crescent

Torrey was found in Bishan, at Clover Crescent.

Screenshot provided by Marcus Lee.

He also shared a list of some of the areas that have been searched so far:

Screenshot via Marcus Lee’s Facebook post

Lee also related the extensive nature of the owner’s ongoing daily efforts to search for Torrey:

Screenshot from Marcus Lee’s post

Torrey has been missing for a month but the owner is still looking for him as she fears that finders will put him down if he falls sick, because he is old.

Screenshot via Marcus Lee’s Facebook post

We hope Torrey will be reunited with his owner soon.

Top photo collage from screenshots of Lost and found pets in Singapore

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