Lianhe Wanbao helps cancer patient find 7 potential liver donors, including former stroke patient & 73-year-old man


Mandy How | January 9, 01:32 pm

A total of seven Lianhe Wanbao readers have stepped forward to volunteer their liver for cancer patient Lin Guang Ming, 48, the Chinese newspaper reported on Jan. 7.

This apparently occurred after an earlier article on Jan. 5, highlighted Lin’s deteriorating condition.

Daughter doesn’t know of his condition

Lin, who does not smoke or drink, was diagnosed with liver cancer in March 2018.

Nine months later in December, Lin was told that he needed a liver transplant urgently.

Unfortunately, none of his friends and family were suitable donors, and Lin’s wife was worried that he may not survive without a transplant.

To make things more heart-wrenching, the couple’s seven-year-old daughter does not know of Lin’s condition, and to prevent her from getting worried, Lin goes home from the hospital every single day.

Donors from all walks of life

Since the Jan. 5 report, however, at least seven readers have called Wanbao, including a middle-aged couple and an elderly man who was a stroke patient.

The middle-aged couple consists of husband Chen Jun Wen, 40, and wife, Li Tian Jin, 41.

Speaking to Wanbao, Chen said that they thoroughly empathised with Lin, as they have a seven-year-old child themselves.

“Their child is the same age as ours, and we don’t wish to see her lose her father. If either my wife or myself are suitable donors, we’ll be willing to donate our liver.”

Another willing donor known as Cai, 43, said that he’s had a cerebral vein surgery, but has previously donated his bone marrow to save another cancer patient, and therefore hopes to be able to save Lin too.

Yet another donor is a 73-year-old known as Yang, who declared that although he might be older, he is still in good health.

He said: “When it comes to saving lives, age and class don’t matter. I’m not worried about the medical consequences, and I hope to do my best to help the family.”

The last donor that Wanbao mentioned is Zhou, 69.

Zhou is a former stroke patient, but he wishes to help Lin’s family through these difficult times.

If you wish to step forward as a donor, you should fulfil the following conditions:

  • Be between 21 to 55 years old
  • Have O+ blood type
  • Weigh above 70kg
  • Be in the pink of health

You can contact Wanbao at 92288736 to offer your liver.

Alternatively, this Facebook post also provides details on how to contact the family directly.

Top image from Ming Ming Tong/Facebook


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