Jay Chou superfan shares pictures from his nearly 19-year journey supporting Jay Chou

His fandom is old enough to serve the army already.

Nyi Nyi Thet |Zhangxin Zheng | January 12, 03:24 pm

Jay Chou has been around for a while now.

He released his eponymous debut album in 2000, and while it did great, he was nowhere near as famous as he is now.

But even then, he had already garnered some dedicated fans.

One of them being Jacky, a Malaysian fan, and the founder of “Jay Chou Fan Gathering – Singapore-Malaysia region”, which is a Jay Chou fan club.

Naturally, he has been an ardent supporter of Chou from the very start.


Here he is picking him up from the airport in 2001.

Here’s a picture he took with him back in 2001.

Image from Jacky’s Facebook

He even made a funny comment on how back then, you could still see a toothy smile, instead of the more serious disposition Chou took on later in his career.


Image from Jacky’s Facebook


Image from Jacky’s Facebook
image from Jacky’s Facebook

Jacky also mentioned that this was the year he got to see Chou the most, which made it his happiest year.


Image from Jacky’s Facebook


Image from Jacky’s facebook


Image from Jacky’s Facebook


Image from Jacky’s Facebook

Perhaps because it was his 10th anniversary of supporting Chou, Jacky wrote quite a poignant tale to go along with the picture.

“After Jay finished radio interview, he saw me and was surprised that he said: Ai!

I asked him: Jay, do you still remember the fan club i started for you in Singapore?

Jay: Remember ah~

I took out the fan club shirt and fan club card, 0118 for you (jay) jay took a look the fan club shirt and card and smiled”


Image from Jacky’s Facebook


Image from Jacky’s Facebook

And as time goes along, the relationship between the two inevitably develops both ways, with Chou even enquiring about Jacky’s daughter even while he was busy.

His caption reads:

“Merry Christmas!

This is also a present arranged by Teacher Fang. It means a lot to me.

I want to thank Teacher and Jay! Teacher had said we’d look good standing by the Christmas tree, and so we did that and took a picture together.

This time round, I brought the well wishes from another S’pore/M’sia fan to Jay. When Jay saw the card I was holding, he asked: “Aiyo! Is this mine?”

He even asked: “Ai, where’s your daughter?”

I hereby thank Teacher for the surprise he has given me, as well as Jay for taking a picture with me even though he was rushing to another event. This photo is a very important memento that commemorates the journey I started 14 years ago. I believe I will hold it close to my heart forever.”


Image from Jacky’s Facebook

Very cool.

More than pictures

You don’t dedicate yourself to nearly two decades of fandom just for some pictures though — there are mementos in Jacky’s album that perhaps reveal Chou’s earliest influences.

For example, when Jacky asked what song he listens to, all the way back in 2001, Chou wrote this down.

Image from Jacky’s Facebook

Which leads to this Facebook post on Jan 11, 2019.

Here’s a rough translation.

“@jaychou do you remember? 19 years ago January in Singapore, i picked you from the airport for the first time, first time wearing duck cap low low, first time we shopped at Singapore’s cd outlets, first time we went for publicity events, and discuss the music you love at a cafe, you wrote down on a receipt the next album that you want me to listen, first time waiting for you at the hotel, you gave me a the first photo, the first showcase I attended, the first time you signed on the album I bought and you wrote ‘Thank you’.. I will always remember those moments forever, not sure if you remember all these?”

Check out his photo album here.


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Images collated from Jacky’s Facebook

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