Go-Jek driver suggests how ‘self-entitled’ passengers in S’pore can be more considerate

Responses include how drivers can be more considerate.

Tanya Ong | January 10, 12:03 pm

There are many challenges that private-hire vehicle drivers in Singapore face.

For one Go-Jek driver Debbie Simpson Ong, she took to Facebook on Jan. 8 with a post elaborating on the numerous gripes she has as a result of ferrying some “self-entitled” riders — to help them be better passengers.

Dos & don’ts for riders

“Don’t spoil your day and the driver’s day,” Ong wrote.

And in her post, she highlighted numerous ways — nine, to be exact– on how riders can be more considerate.

Here’s a summary of her points:

  1. Riders should not request for multiple stops because the Go-Jek app currently does not have such a function.
  2. Riders with children below the height of 1.35m should ask the driver if he/ she has a booster seat. If not, the driver should not be made to accept the trip.
  3. Riders should be punctual. She also explained that if a driver has 24 trips to complete in a day, and each rider is five minutes late, this would amount to a total of two hours of time spent waiting.
  4. Riders should not change the destination once they get on the vehicle because there will be a price difference.
  5. Riders should not touch or take the sweets in the car unless they have the driver’s permission.
  6. Riders should not eat, drink or litter in the car.
  7. Riders should not tell the driver which route to take.
  8. Riders should wear the seat belt at all times.
  9. Riders should not expect the driver to pick them up or drop them off at the bus stop, taxi stand, or no stopping area because it is illegal.


Ong’s post yielded a range of responses.

Some of them agreed with her, while others took issue with specific points.

Agreed with her

Disagreed with her

Others disagreed with what she had to say, especially points #3 and #7 related to riders telling drivers which route to take and riders being late.

Some highlighted that passengers should be able to request a particular route.

Others also pointed out that drivers are sometimes late as well, and compromises should be made on both sides.

Regardless whether one was for or against, this one comment best captures the importance of both riders and drivers being considerate:

This is Ong’s Facebook post:

Top photo composite image, photo adapted via Go-Jek.com.

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