Go-Jek driver cancelled trip from Marina Barrage even after passenger repeatedly assured him he wouldn’t cancel

Poor thing.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 23, 11:46 am


This is one of those times where you can understand why both sides might be slightly miffed by the encounter.

On Jan. 18, someone in Singapore named Charles Rochester tried booking a Go-Jek from Marina Barrage.

He did get assigned a driver, but was also hit with an estimated time of around 20 minutes.

The driver texted Charles to see if he wanted to cancel the trip, as it was quite a distance away

To which the rider assured the driver that he would wait.

Unfortunately, his choice of words angered the driver, who demanded to know what Charles meant.

Instead of cancelling, for reasons which will be made clear in a bit, on the slightly agitated driver, Charles took the time to explain that he had no intentions of cancelling.

Unfortunately, that did not quell the anxious driver’s worries.


Here’s the entire exchange.

No happy ending

Unfortunately there would be no happy ending, where driver and rider shared a laugh in the cab, both overcoming their trust issues and becoming lifelong friends.

Charles told Mothership that the driver immediately cancelled the trip after the last message.

The reason why he didn’t want to cancel in the first place was that he was trying to get a ride from Marina Barrage, which in his own words was quite ulu.

In fact, he had to wait another 15 minutes before another driver accepted the trip.

He ultimately went with Grab, which was a tad pricier, but way quicker, according to Charles.

The driver’s perspective is understandable as well — travelling nine minutes to get halfway to the destination, before being cancelled must be incredibly infuriating.

Teething problems

This encounter actually highlights one of the more visible issues Go-Jek is facing at the moment, which is matching drivers with passengers that are quite a distance away.

Or just having relatively fewer matches recently.

That being said, it is important to note that Go-Jek is still in its beta phase, and ought to almost definitely improve with time.

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Image collated from Charles’ Facebook and Develop Good Habits

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