Man who’s neither police nor NEA officer demands IC from FoodPanda rider for smoking, S’poreans react strongly

Live and let live.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 4, 03:52 pm

A video uploaded on All Singapore Stuff on January 4, 2019 showed a FoodPanda rider smoking in an HDB void deck.

The entire episode is filmed by a man confronting the rider.

The video has been shared over 1,300 times.

Here’s the exchange.

Camera Man: I explain it to you again, by law you cannot smoke at the void deck.

CM: You want, you smoke outside, or, extinguish it now

Rider: Yeah I’m gonna finish it now.

CM: Extinguish it, not finish it, extinguish it now.

R: I don’t care, no, I don’t care

CM: What?

R: I don’t care

CM: What? You don’t care right, you said you don’t care. I already told you right, by law, you cannot smoke in the void deck, ok, mister.

R: Yeah, but you not NEA also what

CM: Yeah, but I can send this to NEA, you give me your IC la, I send to NEA la, see what they say.

R: But you not officer also.

CM: Can, I can get your IC and send to them, it’s no problem one.

CM: You stay here , I call them now la.

R: Call la.

CM: Ok can.


Most of the comments questioned the cameraman’s actions.

And while they did acknowledge the rider’s fault for smoking, there was a general consensus that there were a lot of other options that the man could have taken.

While not explicitly referring to confrontational man in void decks, the enhanced advisory guidelines by the Personal Data Protection Commission did touch on the use or disclosure of the NRIC.

Which is only neccessary should it be required by law or if it is considered necessary to verify someone’s identity.

Both which does not seem to apply to this random man in a void deck.

But perhaps there’s more to the story.

Makes sense.

Image collated from All Singapore Stuff’s video

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