Taxi driver scolds passenger for having a “bad heart”, drops her off at random bus stop despite her bad leg

ComfortDelGro has reprimanded the driver and apologised to the customers.

Sulaiman Daud | January 21, 10:45 pm


We’ve all suffered a bad taxi ride before, but Twitter user Ameerul Shafiq’s experience was on another level.

He shared his negative experience of booking a taxi ride through the ComfortDelGro app on Twitter on Jan. 17.

Speaking to Mothership.sg, Ameerul said he was at work, but his mother needed to go to Camden Medical Centre for an appointment.

So he helped her to book a taxi. As he made the booking through MasterPay, he received a discount of $5.00 from the total fare of $20.50.

Screen shot from @DaniAmalo’s Twitter.

Booking cancelled

However, Ameerul’s mother later told him that although she was in the cab, the taxi driver had cancelled the booking, and asked her to pay the full fare of $20.50.

When Ameerul asked why, the driver said he cancelled it because his mother was “late”.

The driver allegedly said that Ameerul had a “bad heart” for wanting to clarify matters with ComfortDelGro.

Despite this, his mother decided to go ahead and pay the full fare for the ride.

Screen shot from @DaniAmalo’s Twitter.

Drop off at random bus stop

But instead of taking her to Camden Medical Centre, Ameerul’s mother said that the driver made his own call to ComfortDelGro.

He then stopped at a bus stop near the AYE and made her alight, even though it was raining.

Even though this wasn’t her destination, Ameerul’s mother wanted to pay the fare for the short ride, which was $3.70.

She gave the driver $5.00.

However, he allegedly “threw the money back at her”.

Screen shot from @DaniAmalo’s Twitter.

Alleged insult

If that wasn’t enough, Ameerul claimed that the driver said to his mother in Malay:

Lu pakai tudung pun tak guna, sembahyang pun tak guna kalau hati busuk (You wear a tudung also no use, you pray also no use if you have a bad heart).”

As she was running late for her appointment, Ameerul needed to help his mother to book another ride.

He managed to find a another driver for her, but she ended up missing her appointment, and had to reschedule.

Ameerul said he contacted ComfortDelGro about the incident. They said they would get back to him in three working days.

Screen shot from @DaniAmalo’s Twitter.


Ameerul said that he wanted to spread awareness to other commuters with his tweet.

“Not all taxi drivers are bad,” he said. “I could say that some of them even (go) the extra mile for their passengers.”

But he was taken aback by the alleged insult from the driver towards his mother. “How could he say such things?” he said.

When contacted, a ComfortDelGro spokesperson told Mothership.sg that they had taken action:

“We have investigated this matter and have since reprimanded the cabby for not waiting long enough before cancelling the booking. We are also in touch with the complainant and his mother.”

On Jan. 21, Ameerul received an apology from ComfortDelGro.

They said they reprimanded the driver for not waiting longer before cancelling the booking, extended their apologies to him and his mother, and offered him a $15.00 discount for his “next few trips.”

Top image adapted from from (buses[IN]gapore!) on Facebook.


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