Hyper realistic tattoo of BTS Jungkook belongs to 18-year-old S’porean student

Her bicep is very popular on Instagram.

Belmont Lay | January 13, 05:00 am

A hyper realistic colourful tattoo featuring a member of a super popular Korean band that has taken Instagram by storm, has been revealed to belong to a Singaporean teenager.

The tattoo artwork was posted on Instagram on Monday, Jan. 7 by Saegeem, a Seoul-based tattoo artist behind the piece.

It has since received more than 61,000 likes in less than a week.

Singaporean got the tattoo

The identity of the person who got the tattoo was initially unknown and assumed to be a Korean super fan.

However, according to AsiaOne, the tattoo was inked on an 18-year-old Singaporean student, Michelle Tan.

A BTS fan, Tan got the permanent tattoo of BTS member Jungkook on her bicep.

The tattoo is a scene from Jungkook’s solo music video.

The tattoo was completed on Sunday, Jan. 6 in South Korea. It cost 400,000 won (S$484).

Tan told AsiaOne she had seen a photo of the music video with a vintage feel and liked it, and decided to have it inked on her bicep.

Before making the decision to have it inked, she was aware of the tattoo studio and had already wanted a photo/ art-styled tattoo.

Praised by fellow fans

Her arm shot to fame overnight for paying homage to her favourite artiste.

It won high praise for its hyper realistic rendering of the MV scene on skin.

The music video, Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself 起 Wonder, had a scene where Jungkook is seen wearing a yellow jacket and standing on a pickup truck with his arms spread wide open.

How viral was the photo of the tattoo?

Other Instagram photos of the other tattoos done by the tattoo artist Saegeem paled in comparison in terms of response.

They mostly received few thousand likes each, even though they looked just as intricate:

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