A no-holds-barred review of the bottled peach bubble tea from 7-Eleven

We try the viral food items for the week, but at what expense?

Mandy How | January 10, 06:28 pm

“No-holds-barred reviews” is a series of articles where we give honest and easy-to-understand reviews for food items that have gone viral in Singapore. 


Today’s item:

Peach bubble tea in a bottle available at S’pore’s 7-Eleven at 2 for S$3.60

The bottled peach bubble tea can be found in 7-Eleven and costs S$2.40 each:

Photo by Mandy How

Unfortunately, reviews haven’t been the most flattering.

Screenshot via Mothership/Facebook
Screenshot via Mothership/Facebook
Screenshot via Mothership/Facebook
Screenshot via Mothership/Facebook

Anyway, here’s the actual colour of the beverage:

Photo by Mandy How

And it isn’t as bad as reviews say it is.

It’s obviously no Koi or Gong Cha, but it isn’t complete shit either.

Think of it as neighbourhood bubble tea material.

However, the pearls in the beverage — equivalent to sambal in a nasi lemak — are not the chewy tapioca pearls we are used to, but are instead more jelly-like in texture.

Photo by Mandy How

It’s buyer beware though, as they are pre-empted with the label of “konjac pearls” on the bottle’s label.

Here’s the ingredients list and nutrition label, for anyone masochistic enough to want to know:

Photo by Mandy How

Rating: 6.9/10. Only sexy if you’re desperate for bubble tea.

Price we would pay for it vs. how much it actually costs:
S$2 : S$2.40

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Top image by Mandy How

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