2 critically endangered Asian leopard cats abandoned in Bukit Batok

There are probably less than 20 of them left in Singapore.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 13, 04:15 am

Two wild Asian leopard cats were recently abandoned in Singapore.

The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) revealed this in a Facebook post on Jan. 10.

Abandoned in a carrier

The two Asian leopard cats were found on Dec. 20 at Bukit Batok West Avenue 6.

A member of the public alerted Acres at around 10am about the cats after they were found in a carrier.

The Asian leopard cats are the only wild cats left in Singapore dwelling mostly in the forests, such as the nature reserves.

There are probably less than 20 of them left in Singapore.

Their appearance in a HDB estate in Bukit Batok suggests they were kept as pets.

Both leopard cats are now under the care of Singapore Zoo.

The Agri-Food Veterinary Authority (AVA) is looking into the case.

According to Acres deputy chief executive Anbarasi Boopal, the two leopard cats were very stressed by the unfamiliar environment and transport, but other than that, they are doing fine.

Critically endangered

Asian leopard cats have been critically endangered in Singapore since 2008.

On average, a leopard cat is about the same size as a domestic cat.

In Singapore, a leopard cat can grow up to 56cm with a tail of up to 27cm.

Asian leopard cats are nocturnal, which makes them more active at night. They mainly prey on small animals such as rats, frogs and birds.

Asian leopard cats are threatened by habitat loss and the illegal pet trade.

Boopal shared that there were two reported cases of these animals being kept as illegal pets and a case of abandonment in 2018.

Acres is urging Singaporeans to leave wild animals in the wild.

These animals can get really stressed up in a foreign environment, especially when they are shy.

If you ever encounter any wild animal that is in distress, you can call the Acres 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline 97837782 for help.

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