Mosque in S’pore providing free drinks for anyone & everyone, earns kudos from everyone

Good job.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 4, 06:04 pm

Al-Mukminin Mosque is a mosque in Jurong East.

Here it is.

Image from Facebook

In conjunction with the Maulid season, the mosque is providing a variety of free drinks over the next few Fridays.

It made the announcement via a Facebook post.

Here is their corresponding caption.

The weather has been pretty hot recently, yeah? In conjunction with our Maulid season, we are providing a variety of free drinks for the next few Friday prayers! Everyone can come and have a drink 😃🥤


Kudos all round

Unsurprisingly, their generosity was met with acclaim from all corners.

And their call for inclusiveness was met with the same generosity from every quarter.

Unsurprisingly, the goodwill comes from their proven record of community service and generosity.

Well done, everyone involved.

Here’s their post.

Images collated from Al-Mukminin Mosque’s Facebook

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