Lady demands swimming instructor teach son for free & calls her a b*tch, shocked when rejected

That escalated painfully quickly.

Nyi Nyi Thet | December 17, 2018 @ 07:45 pm

There are instances where you really got to wonder to what extent someone owes you something.

The answer is of course, nothing really, but it’s nice if they help out.

Here is the antithesis to that statement.

A Singapore-based Facebook user going by the name Matchy Matchy uploaded a lengthy screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation.

It’s a bit small so we’ve written the transcript of the exchange for you later in the article.

Matchy’s post has been shared over 3,000 times.

The entire exchange was originally uploaded on Reddit by Reddit user u/pretent_its_witty, who claims to be a swimming instructor from Southern India.

The original post on the subreddit, Choosing Beggars, has garnered 100,000 upvotes.

The conversation captured in the WhatsApp screenshot posted took place purportedly between a swimming instructor (not a professional one mind you, just someone who does it for free on days that she is swimming as well) and an aunty, who as you will see later, claims to be a single mother, and seems strangely insistent that her son gets to swim “today”.

Now take note, this person was apparently volunteering to teach kids swimming for free.

Here’s the transcript

Auntie (A): Hello, you are the lady who teaches swimming right? I got your number from Sangeetha, can you teach my son also?

Swimming instructor (SI): yes sure

A: she said she offered to pay but it’s free. Is that true? I can’t pay. I am single mom. (time 10.41am)

A: Hello? (10.57am)

Please reply (11.05am)

?? (11.20am)

Hello? Ter? (11.20am)

SI: Hey. Yes they are free. I am in office. I won’t be able to respond right away.

A: Wow. That’s rude.

I want to know what time today should I bring my son to the pool.

SI: I am sorry but today I already informed everyone that I wanted to swim alone today. I will message you the next time I am teaching Probably after 3 days.

I usually teach the kids from 3-5 pm.

A: Can you come at 1 today and teach him? 1-3 is more warm than 3-5, I know you have flexible timing (12.01)

A: Can you reply faster? (12.05)

SI: I can’t teach at 1 because of work. It is already past 12. And today, I really feel stressed and I need to blow off some steam. I don’t want to teach today I already told everyone that. From next time, I will inform you also.

A: That’s not fair. I already told him that he can go swimming today .

Give me one good reason to tell him. Else he is gonna cry.

SI: 1. I am not teaching today.
2. AI already cancelled. I can’t un-cancel with everyone this late.

A: That’s even better. You can teach him alone. Those brats got free classes for a month. You need to make up for that with my son.

SI: What?
I can’t teach just for your son.

A: Why not? He has anxiety issues. You have to teach him alone.

SI: I am not a certified trainer. I don’t want to be responsible for the safety of a kid with anxiety in a pool with depth twice his size. I think you should get someone else.

A: When I say anxiety, I’ll don’t mean like that. He just doesn’t like other kids.

Just teach him exclusively for one month. After that, you can put him with everyone. They got more classes than him. It is not fair.

So you start teaching him from tomorrow at 1. It is better to be out of the pool by 3 That way no one gets sick.

Also, he doesn’t have a goggle. Bring him a extra pair tomorrow or let him use yours until I buy one.

SI: I can’t swim daily. If I go swimming today. It will be at least 2 days before I swim again. And I am not gonna teach anyone exclusively.

A: Wow You are such a selfish b*tch. He is just a kid. Don’t you have any heart. I am a single mom. And I already told him.


Tomorrow at 1?

I can see that you have seen my messages.

I will throw him in the pool tomorrow at 1. If something happens to him, you are responsible.

Whatever, you are probably a lousy teacher.

You are such a nasty horrible person. My son doesn’t this. I don’t know what I did to deserve this. Why is everyone so selfish and unhelpful these days.

You have flexible timings, you work less hours than me, You earn more than me Those bi*ches are rich enough they can afford to get a swimming instructor but no. They want only free stuff that my son needs.

You are so privileged that you don’t need money you f*king refuse money that people are ready to pay. They are ready to give money and you don’t need money. Do you know how much I need that money? I am a single mom, you should get the money from them and give it to me.

You are privileged. You should give it to me. I need it more than you. If you won’t teach my son alone you should at least give money to me.

Reply me, I can see that you read the message bi*ch


This comment sums it up best.

Here’s the original screenshot from the Reddit thread.


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