Whole S’pore blaming red Honda Jazz for causing container to fall off truck along PIE

Incident occurred before Toa Payoh exit and caused a massive jam in the afternoon.

Belmont Lay | December 16, 2018 @ 02:58 am

Two videos shared widely online showing the inane and impatient lane-cutting antics of a driver have drawn the ire of all right-thinking drivers in Singapore.

The two videos from different dashboard cameras showed how a red Honda Jazz squeezed into the gap in front of a container truck along the Pan-Island Expressway and then braking hard.

It caused the truck to follow suit, which resulted in the container tipping left and eventually toppling off the truck, due to the overwhelming inertia from the short braking distance.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon, Dec. 14 at around 3pm, according to the dashboard camera details.

Why drivers are angry

The massive jam that resulted from the incident along one of the busiest expressways in Singapore pre-weekend, almost forced traffic to a complete standstill for hours.

The truck and fallen container effectively shut down two of the four lanes.

The severity of the accident is also plain to see from the two camera angles: The toppled container falling flat onto its left side could have maimed or killed the motorists in a passing car or motorcycle.

A white car can be seen narrowly missing being squashed by the container.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

Did not stop to assist

Moreover, the red Honda Jazz driver did not stop to assist the truck driver.

The Honda Jazz was caught driving off from the scene and stopping momentarily along the road shoulder, before driving off a slip road.

This indicated to those who watched the video that the Honda Jazz driver knew he or she was responsible.

One car behind the Honda Jazz even shone its high beam repeatedly to compel the driver to stop.

You can watch the two videos here:


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