Chinese wife surprised with insanely lavish S$27,000 presidential suite for wedding anniversary

The only way to get away with not buying anything.

Mandy How | December 7, 2018 @ 05:26 pm

Do not let your wife read this article.

No presents for wedding anniversaries, but…

Somewhere in Shanghai, a man known as A Fu Thomas has decided to surprise his wife with a stay at the presidential suite of Wanda Reign on the Bund for their anniversary.

Wanda Reign is a 7-star hotel along the Shanghai Bund, which is a well-known tourist spot in the city’s central overlooking the waterfront (perhaps the Chinese equivalent of Marina Bay).

Source: Vossy
Source: Vossy
Source: Vossy

The presidential suite apparently costs USD20,000 per night, which is S$27, 380.

Granted, A Fu Thomas is a YouTuber/influencer of sorts who racks a healthy amount of views with his lifestyle videos.

But the couple also mentioned that they do not buy presents for each other during their anniversaries, but instead, choose to spend a night at a hotel that they’ve never been to.

Here’s how their stay at the hotel went:

In case you’re data-strapped, we pick out our favourite parts.

But first, here’s a (incomplete) room tour:

Picked up by a Rolls-Royce

The journey begins when Fu’s wife, whose name is Jolie, is picked up by a Rolls-Royce.

Jolie jokes that she has never received such special treatment before — not even on her wedding day.

After being welcomed by the staff in charge of planning the surprise, the couple enters the presidential suite.

Jolie is completely overwhelmed by the suite:

She was so excited that she hugged the fireplace, only to realise that the hotel staff were still around:

Comes with office, sauna, and harp

Fu, a German man who speaks Chinese more fluently than some of us, is delighted with the space as well.

This is him in the office:

And in the sauna:

The suite is 288sqm big — about the size of two-and-a-half 5-room flats in Singapore.

In comparison, Fu’s home with Jolie is 88sqm.

This is the bedroom:

The suite also comes with a harp:

And an extravagant dining experience:

“I still like a simple life”

To Jolie, the best part of the experience was not having to do the chores or to cook.

However, when was asked by her husband if she wants to lead this kind of life everyday, Jolie’s answer was no.

“Because life like this is full of pressure. You can’t sleep at night. It’s nice to experience this kind of live occasionally. But I still like a simple life.”

At the end of the video, the couple shared three tips that made their relationship work, despite having been together for six years.


Watch the full video here.

Top image from @afuthomas/Instagram


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