Lady in S’pore pays taxi fare with My Melody holder because she had no money on her

Now we are 'butter trading'.

Nyi Nyi Thet | December 7, 2018 @ 08:58 am


My Melody has taken over Carousell, with some users selling them at quite the profit.

My Melody holders in S’pore now sold out islandwide, getting resold on Carousell for S$30

That shift in economic power was best exemplified by a post on the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook page.

New form of payment

One taxi driver recounted a story where a passenger flagged him down along the Central Business District.

Here’s a screenshot of the post.

Screenshot from post

Here’s the text from the post by Facebook user Ah Low, in case you can’t read it:

“Pick a lady at cbd with lots of barang barang. Help her to bring into the boot.

She get in n say, uncle please go near near only, pai seh. I say no prob, near I like more.

Had a short chat with her. When reach her destination, she dig her long wallet but realise no cash. I tot it’s evader so I ask if she got nets or cc also can.

But she give me this offer, in exchange of a melody. I was like… Huh?? She say will double the price today so I took her offer.

For today, taxi can accept melody as payment… Not bad not bad…”

The fare, surprisingly, was 6.90 (heh heh 69), which is the exact actual price McDonald’s was selling the holder for.

Reactions to reselling

The lady wasn’t lying about being able to double the price of the holder for sure, as the many Carousell resellers will attest.

But just in case you fear Singapore will devolve into a My Melody-holder-based economy…

Fret not, McDonald’s has firmly stated their intention to not bring any more stock in.

With this hopefully being the reaction Singaporeans will have towards attempts at reselling the holders at higher prices.

There’s no need to feel too bad for the lady though, because according to the driver, there was plenty more where that came from:



And what did the kind taxi driver who took what is basically a novelty toy instead of cash do?

Resell it for twice the fare? Thrice the fare? Get a new HDB flat in exchange for that novelty gift?


Screenshot from Singapore Taxi Driver


Low gets a free My Melody holder but doesn’t resell it at exorbitant prices. Be like Low.

Here’s a better craze to obsess over:

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Image collated from Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook page and Tanya

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