Donate your Christmas tree to River Safari’s Justin Beaver so he can gnaw on it

So cute.

Zhangxin Zheng | December 30, 2018 @ 12:40 am

Christmas is over and if you have a Christmas tree at home that you want to get rid of, here’s something for you to consider.

Pass it on

In a Facebook post written on Dec. 28, River Safari’s version of Justin Bieber is offering help clearing the tree for you.

Justin Beaver, an American Beaver, along with his animal friends, be-leavers, will gnaw, scratch, sniff and play with those Christmas tree parts.


You can drop off the Christmas tree at the Singapore Zoo’s open carpark on Jan. 5, from 9 am to 2 pm.

Photo from Kumaran Sesshe Facebook post

Here’s the post by veteran zoo keeper Kumaran Sesshe:

What do beavers do with the tree?

Gnawing on trees can help beavers keep their teeth from becoming too long as their teeth continues growing throughout their lives.

The beavers are natural architects who build homes and even dams in the wild using branches.

As herbivores, the beavers also feed on tree barks, leaves and roots.

Just in case you are wondering, Justin does have a buddy called Selena.

You can watch them chilling together in this video posted last year:

Not sure about their relationship status now.

Read about Kumaran’s super duper cool story about his love for apes, snakes and people:

S’pore orangutan keeper’s story of love for apes, snakes and people

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