Cat in S’pore sent home in cardboard box after grooming left traumatised with cuts on body

It looks like the cat had it pretty rough.

Matthias Ang | December 3, 2018 @ 04:47 pm


An irate pet owner, Rei Tsy, has taken to Facebook on Dec. 1 to vent her frustration.

This was after she alleged that the cat boarding service Cat Space, tasked with grooming her cat Meelo, did a poor job at the cost of S$150.

The cat not only sustained multiple cuts on its body, the cat owner claimed, but was also returned in a sealed cardboard box.

Cat returned in a cardboard box sealed with scotch tape

In an 11-second video, a woman is shown using a pair of scissors to cut open the scotch tape-sealed box to release Meelo the cat.

Holes can also be seen poked at the top of the box, supposedly to provide ventilation for the cat.

Screenshot from Rei Tsy Facebook

The cat owner claimed that her mother had wanted to use her own carrier for transporting the cat back, but the shop insisted on using its own carrier, which turned out to be a cardboard box.

According to Cat Space, its website stated that drivers “experienced” in handling cats for their cat taxis are provided.

Source: Rei Tsy Facebook

The cat owner wrote that while paying S$120 for the grooming and S$30 transportation was “decent”, retrieving the cat out of the box was only the start of their problems.

Cat not groomed properly, cuts on body

The cat owner also highlighted that Meelo was still wet when it was returned, with ears uncleaned and fur around the paws uncut.

Source: Rei Tsy Facebook
Source: Rei Tsy Facebook
Source: Rei Tsy Facebook
Source: Rei Tsy Facebook

Several close-up photos in the post also showed what appears to be cuts on the cat’s ears and body.

Source: Rei Tsy Facebook
Source: Rei Tsy Facebook
Source: Rei Tsy Facebook

Cat Space claims that Meelo was “aggressive”

When the cat owner added that she confronted Cat Space over WhatsApp, the response was that Meelo was aggressive and had a skin problem.

This was despite Cat Space stating on its website that its groomers are specially trained.

Source: Rei Tsy Facebook

Cat Space also denied that cats are returned post-grooming in a carton box, adding that it used its own carrier but used a different driver.

This elicited a response from the cat owner, who said the groomer could have at least brought the cat back in their own carrier, which would then be returned afterwards.

Source: Rei Tsy Facebook
Source: Rei Tsy Facebook
Source: Rei Tsy Facebook

Cat Space also supposedly called the cat owner’s mother to tell her that it was alright that Meelo was a little bit wet.

Cat Space makes an offer of re-grooming the cat

The cat owner subsequently updated her post after Cat Space spoke to her mother and offered to re-groom Meelo at another groomer, at their own expense.

But the offer was turned down as she did not see the point of it.

The cat owner then updated her post a second time to state that Cat Space has since offered to engage with her directly on the issue.

Source: Rei Tsy Facebook

A quick search of Cat Space’s website and Facebook reveals that both of them are no longer available.

Here is Rei Tsy’s post in full:

Here are screenshots of the post in case you can’t see it:

Screenshot from Rei Tsy Facebook

Top image collage from Rei Tsy Facebook


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