Bangkok stall offering free 3kg chicken rice platter – if you can finish it in 1 hour

Good for big eaters.

Joshua Lee | December 14, 2018 @ 12:58 pm

If you’re a big eater wandering around Bangkok looking for a bite, why not try your hand at this challenge:

Sri Yellow Pochana, a Bangkok chicken rice stall is offering its customers a free 3kg platter if they can finish it in an hour.

Here are some photos of the platter:

Via Xie Man Kong Facebook.
Via Weekend Go Where Singapore Facebook.


Via Weekend Go Where Singapore Facebook.
Via Weekend Go Where Singapore Facebook.


Via Weekend Go Where Singapore Facebook.
Via Weekend Go Where Singapore Facebook.

The stall sells Hainanese-style chicken rice. They also sell a fried cutlet version.

The entire 3kg platter consists of 2kg of rice and 1kg of white chicken. There are also cubes of jellied blood – something you will not find in Singapore.

You may also opt for cucumbers on the side.

The challenge is not an impossible one. This Japanese lady below, Miss Miho Yamakoshi from Kanagawa, completed it in just over half an hour and took home a plate/trophy. She is the 19th winner of the challenge.

Via Sri Leung Pho Cha Na


Via Sri Leung Pho Cha Na

For the rest of us who aren’t blessed with an insane metabolism, best to enjoy it as a group:

Via Sri Leung Pho Cha Na

It costs 550 Baht (S$23) per 3kg platter.

The stall also sells regular size chicken rice, but it seems like most people go there for the 3kg platter.

It’s not a bad deal to check out if you’re vacationing in Bangkok!

Sri Leung Pho Cha Na

Address: Sri Leung Pho Cha Na, 45/6-7 ถ.สาลีรัฐวิภาค แขวงสามเสนใน เขตพญาไท , 10400 Bangkok, Thailand. Near Saphan Kwai BTS station in Bangkok.

Opening hours: 8am – 3:30pm

Top photos via Sri Leung Pho Cha Na and Weekend Go Where Singapore. 

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