Instagram video shows group of S’pore youths throwing clothes rack down from HDB landing

The uploader's caption says, 'Fk la fking funny I cannot 😂😂'.

Jeanette Tan | November 18, 2018 @ 01:36 pm

An undated Instagram video shows a group of youths tossing a clothes rack off a balcony, and then sprinting down a residential corridor.

A recording of it was taken from a private account and uploaded to Facebook page All Singapore Stuff.

In the video, the youths can be heard laughing loudly and are seen hoisting a laundry rack with clothes on it over a railing and down to the ground, a significant number of floors below.

Here’s the video without audio, which we’ve censored because it’s possible the youths involved are minors:

The clip was posted by an Instagram user whose account is private.

The user seemed aware that it wasn’t a good idea to post the video in the first place, adding these comments on the video post:

Screenshot via screen recording

We’re in touch with the police to find out if they have received any reports of high-rise litter, and will update this story if more information comes in.

Screenshots via video recording submitted to All Singapore Stuff


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