S’porean “Instagrammer” gets public backlash after using cafe’s book as coaster for photo-taking

The café was remarkably patient with him, though.

Mandy How | November 25, 2018 @ 01:21 pm

Sometimes, customers leave bad reviews for an F&B establishment because of poor service, or because the food wasn’t value-for-money:

Orchard Gateway dessert shop threatened to sue customer after 2-star review

Not one Instagrammer named Terence Lee, though.

1-star review on Facebook

On November 22, Lee left a negative review on the Facebook page of a café called Apartment, citing “rude social media management” and “overrated coffee” as the reason:

In response to the review, the cafe’s management thanked Lee for his “kind feedback”:

Instagram post & backlash

The review might seem a little abrupt, but Lee’s Instagram post on the same subject provides the back story.

Shared earlier on November 22, this was the photo that led to the backlash:

Lee had placed his coffee on one of the cafe’s books for photo-taking.

The Instagrammer also encouraged other patrons to boycott the place in his hashtag.

The other two photos from the same post:

Books meant to be shared & read

In a comment on the post, Lee gives a snarky reply to a user asking for his review:

Below this, however, a comment from the cafe explains why the books should not be used as a coaster:

Lee was not apologetic, and replied that “no books were harmed”.

Others call him out

But other users were not on Lee’s side.

Calling him “self-entitled” and “sour”, they criticised his attitude as a customer.

Another questioned whether Lee was there for the coffee or for an Instagram photo:

However, Lee appears unperturbed by the comments, and has since put up other posts.


Top image from screenshot from Terence Lee’s Instagram/Apartment’s Facebook page


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