"Running Man" stars struggle hilariously when asked what the capital of S'pore is

Do you know?

Sulaiman Daud| November 24, 12:38 PM

Quick, name the capital of Singapore.

If it took you more than a few seconds to say "Singapore" or "We don't have one", it's okay. It's a bit of a trick question.

But if it's a tough one for locals, imagine foreigners trying to answer it.

Grilled jumbo shrimp at stake

"Running Man"the immensely popular South Korean variety show, featured it on a quiz in a recent episode.

Viewers of the 425th episode, which aired in South Korea on Nov. 11, saw Yoo Jae-Suk put his fellow cast members Haha and Yang Se-Chan to the test.

If they could answer his question correctly, they would get to tuck into a nice bowl of fresh jumbo shrimp as a reward:

The show noted that the pair had been competitive in quizzes before.

Yoo suggested a quiz on capital cities, to which both agreed.

But it was Yang who suggested a question on capitals in Southeast Asia, because he said he was an expert.

Both guys agreed, and Yoo asked his question:

Screen shot from YouTube.

Haha looked uncertain, but Yang was more confident that he knew the answer:

Screen shot from YouTube.

Screen shot from YouTube.

Haha went first, and guessed "Kuala Lumpur", which is of course the capital of Malaysia.

Guessed "Changi"

Yang triumphantly spun his notepad around to reveal his answer... Changi.

Screen shot from YouTube.

He was informed that Changi was the name of the international airport, not the capital of Singapore.

The other cast members said he shouldn't assume that every airport was named after the country's capital:

Screen shot from YouTube.

They were both surprised when someone let them know that Singapore's capital is just Singapore:

Screen shot from YouTube.

Haha fared better in the next round, where he correctly guessed the capital of Mongolia while Yang didn't.

Who would have guessed that "Ulaanbaatar" would be easier to remember than plain old Singapore?

Watch the scene here:

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