New Thai eatery in S’pore sells spicy pork bone soup like the one at Rot Fai night market

Eat here, then go Thailand.

Nyi Nyi Thet | October 16, 2018 @ 10:15 pm

Now you can head down to Golden Mile Tower to get some authentic Leng Saap.

Leng Saap is a dish in Thailand which roughly translates to spicy pork bone soup.

Like the name suggests, it is basically pork broth drizzled over pork bone, garnished with spring onion and chilli.

You might have tasted it before at Rot Fai night market.

Image from Hotels.com

Well,  you can now get an authentic Leng Saap over at Golden Mile Tower, courtesy of Leng Saap @ Rot Fai Market, which is Thai for train market.

Image from Leng Saap Rot Thai

The shop opened on October 8, and is located at B1-65.

And in case you’re still wondering what Leng Saap is, here are some examples from the shop itself.

Image from Leng Saap Market

Image from Leng Saap
Image from Leng Saap

Here’s the menu for the place.

Image from Leng Saap

There’s of course, other food aside from the pork bone soup.

Image from Leng Saap’s Facebook
Image from Leng Saap’s Facebook


Image from Leng Saap’s Facebook

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