The 3 new iPhones launching in Sept. 2018 will most probably look like this

Notch bad.

Nyi Nyi Thet| August 13, 10:01 AM

Marques Brownlee is a tech YouTuber with over six million subs.

On Aug. 7, he revealed what the new iPhone models are probably going to look like.

The leaks usually comes from case-makers for the iPhones.

Here are the three phones.

Sreenshots from Marques Brownlee


Updated iPhone X

The first new offering will be an updated iPhone X, which looks exactly like the original iPhone X but with better specs.

Larger iPhone X/ iPhone X Plus

This is the larger one out of the three new offerings.

Images from YouTube

iPhone X "Budget"

It will be a budget phone, relative to Apple products.

And that fact is somewhat underlined by the single camera at the back, instead of the double camera present in the others.


There aren't expected to be too many changes in store for Apple, with even the much maligned notch being present in all three of the phones.

The price and availability is expected to be announced in September.

Image and screenshots via Marques Brownlee's Facbook page