Grab driver in S’pore triggered when referred to as ‘taxi’, got passenger to alight [Updated]

Grab is private transport, while taxi is public transport, he said.

By Belmont Lay | July 6, 2018

Editor’s note: The original video has been removed. The Grab driver has contacted about the incident. He said the two passengers who boarded his vehicle were below the height of 1.35m and he did not have booster seats in the passenger seat, which is mandatory by law. The two passengers, who appeared to be relatively young, then took a video of the exchange with the driver and posted the video online without the driver’s consent. They were then asked to alight opposite the location they boarded the vehicle.

Talk about being triggered.

A Grab driver in Singapore completely lost it after his private hire car service was referred to as a “taxi”.

He then requested the passenger or passengers to alight from his vehicle.

A video of the incident was posted online and is making its rounds.

The context

According to the video’s description, the incident was recorded by an international school student in Singapore.

Apparently, the Grab driver was late for the pick-up and that caused the student to run late for school.

The video’s description also quoted the student saying: “He left us midway even though we’re both students, underage and are going to school. It really wasn’t safe!”

It is unclear if this was a regular Grab ride, which is easily a taxi service, but with slightly differing rules and regulations governing its operations (i.e. no street hail jobs), or if this was a GrabHitch ride that is the equivalent of carpooling.

The implication is that passengers who demand punctuality should look to paying for it via advanced taxi bookings.

Or maybe there is some pride issue involved.

The exchange between driver and passenger

Passenger: We tried to talk to you, we tried to call you, [unclear]. We text you, you got job wrong [unclear].

Grab driver: Take taxi, go and take taxi lah.

Passenger: This is taxi, Grab is taxi.

Grab driver:Grab is not taxi!

Passenger: It says in the booking that…

Grab driver:I don’t want to argue or [unclear] with you ah, Grab is not a taxi. Taxi is a public transport, Grab is a private transport.

Passenger: I pay for the service.

Grab driver:Go down lor, you go down lor. I don’t take your business. You go down lor.

Passenger: Alright, you said so.


Even though it was clear from the video that the driver was not being professional, some responses have taken to siding with the driver.

This is so as passengers can be demanding, even for GrabHitch services that are carried out for both monetary and goodwill benefits.

One response to the video, explaining why it can be infuriating for Grab drivers sometimes, read:

You know, once in a while, when I am bored I will drive through Grab Hitch just to occupy my free time.

I can tell you guys!! OMG la for some passengers! Their attitude buay tahan. Pay abit act like pay for business flight in airlines.

Some DO NOT EVEN KNOW Grab Hitch is not like a full pledge Grab services. It is like the owner of the car piggyback you while on the way to their destination.

As I own and drive my BMW usually, can you believe it that there was one time, one passenger made a racist remark in front of his family and even commented by asking me how much I rent my BMW. Hearing that, who will not be piss off? Right away, I told him, “Hello brother. You are taking Grab Hitch. Did you see any Private Hire sticker on my car’s windshield. Malay like me cannot be successful to own my own BMW is it?” Then I told him, about my businesses as well as my properties investments. All the way he kept quiet in my car feeling extremely embarassed. After the ride, I advised him in a friendly tone that Grab Hitch is not like any other Grab services. Yes he paid for some of our petrol, but at least show some respect to people who fetch him regardles whether it is through Grab Hitch or normal Grab services.

That is only one incident I was really pissed off. Some are not as bad but majority of the passengers makes my day as we can talk about many things. I learn a lot from all kinds of people from all works of life.

From this video, I can safely assume he is doing Grab Hitch. But he can response in a much political way. For the passengers who upload this video. It doesn’t pays to be late. If you are late, please try to wake up earlier. Even if you take an emergency vehicle to send you to school when yoy are running late, especially during morning rush hours, you will still be late.

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