Dead turtle found trapped in fishing nets along East Coast Park

Oh no.

Tanya Ong | June 01, 2018, 02:00 PM

A turtle was found dead and trapped in fishing nets along East Coast Park.

Trapped in fishing nets

It was discovered by wildlife lover Sidi Baker on May 21 at about 4pm.

He noticed the large net in the sea and realised there was a dead turtle trapped inside when he removed the net from the water.

He took to Facebook to share several photos of the turtle, hoping to "create awareness on what’s going in and at our waters and beaches".

Photo by Sidi Baker.

Photo by Sidi Baker.

Photo by Sidi Baker.

He also said that he cleared the net and buried the turtle.


This is his full post:

Wildlife harmed

Baker told that he helps to remove nets or rubbish at the beach as "it might harm sea creatures."

He also throws away unwanted hooks and lines.

In Singapore, where animal and human habitats overlap, there have been multiple instances of wildlife being hurt as a result of human activity.

Previously, an otter at Pasir Ris Park was found with a rubber ring around it, and a monitor lizard was seen entangled in a plastic bag along the Singapore River.

Top photo composite image from Sidi Baker's Facebook