Toyota driver kissed windscreen hard when he hit Lamborghini along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

Looks like he had a cigarette in his mouth.

Belmont Lay | May 5, 2018 @ 01:22 am


A Toyota driver totally kissed his windscreen when his car collided into the back of a white Lamborghini along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, near Nanyang Polytechnic, on May 2, 2018.

The impact from behind caused the stationary Lamborghini to surge forward to hit a Honda.

The entire three-car collision sequence was caught on the in-vehicle cameras of the Lamborghini and have been shared on Facebook.

From the footage, it can be seen that the impact threw the Toyota driver forward, as the side of his face could be seen squashed against the inside of his windscreen when he first crashed into the back of the Lamborghini.

The Toyota driver looked as if he had a cigarette in his mouth.

The rear and front of the Lamborghini appeared to have been badly dented.

Multiple comments about the accident claim that the Toyota driver will have to pay a significant sum for the damages sustained by the Lamborghini and the Honda, as well as predicting his insurance premiums will increase substantially.

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