S’pore police not acting against Caltex BMW driver as he was trading car in

They verified his account of events, & said that no offence was committed.

By Jeanette Tan | April 17, 2018

The Singapore Police has established that there is no case involving the Caltex Tampines BMW driver who only wanted to pay S$10 for his fuel and the elderly pump attendant at the petrol kiosk.

In a statement shared with Mothership on Tuesday evening, a police spokesperson said no offence took place, and that it was simply a case of miscommunication between the driver and the pump attendant.

The police got involved after the BMW driver, who has not been officially named but whose identity has been widely circulated online, filed a report out of concern for his family’s well-being.

Case involving elderly Caltex Tampines pump attendant & BMW driver now with police

This, he said, reportedly came after he received a lot of nuisance calls and texts, like this one:

Image via Kelly Koh’s Facebook post

According to an interview he did with Shin Min Daily News, the driver also said he had wanted to top up S$10 in order to make the journey from Tampines to Jurong, where he planned to trade the car in at a dealership located there.

SMDN: Caltex Tampines BMW driver made police report, said pump attendant had poor attitude

However, he was misunderstood by the pump attendant, who apparently misheard “10元” (S$10) as an instruction to fill his car’s tank.

Advised to settle matter amicably

The driver was also quoted saying that the pump attendant had insisted that he asked for a full tank, even claiming that the attendant had raised his voice at him.

Also, the driver reportedly claimed that the attendant had said in a dismissive tone that he could cover the difference in cost of the fuel before walking off.

Shin Min then spoke to one of the pump attendant’s colleagues, who disagreed with the driver’s account of events and said the attendant would never be rude to a customer as he is a peace-loving person.

That notwithstanding, police was able to confirm that the driver did indeed plan to trade in his car at the Jurong dealership — Mothership has also independently seen WhatsApp screenshots that appear to verify this.

It appears that the driver would not require more than the necessary amount of fuel.

Here’s the police’s statement in full:

“The Police confirmed that a report was lodged in relation to the incident at Caltex Tampines on 14 April 2018. We have looked into the matter and established that no offence was disclosed. It was a case of miscommunication between the pump attendant and the vehicle owner on the amount of petrol to be pumped. We have verified that the vehicle owner was due to trade-in his vehicle on the same day and would not require more than necessary fuel. Both parties have been advised to settle the matter amicably.”

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Top photo via Singapore Police Force FB page, Kelly Yeo’s Facebook post

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