After 4 months, customer still not refunded S$896 for ‘destroyed’ cake & decor

Two different cheques deposited but not received by the bank.

Fasiha Nazren | April 20, 2018 @ 10:00 am

[Update, April 20, 3.40pm: Enjoue has responded that the issue has been settled with the customer. The customer has also removed her post.]

It goes without saying that birthday cakes and decor are a must for every birthday party.

One mother (whom we shall identify as Hong), however, didn’t get any of that for her son’s birthday party.

But it’s not because she wanted to organise a lame birthday party for her son, though.

January 2018: Cake and decor “destroyed” in an accident, refund to be issued within 3 days

On April 18, Hong shared that she had engaged the services of Enjoue Events, an event organiser, to organise her son’s birthday party in January.

Unfortunately, neither the decor nor the cake arrived.

Worried, she called up the boss of Enjoue Events and was told that the courier met with an accident, and unfortunately, the cake was “destroyed”.

Thankfully, Enjoue Events managed to deliver a replacement cake to Hong’s party.

However, she said that many of her guests had left by the time the cake arrived.

According to Hong, the business owner was willing to give her a full refund of S$896 and said the process will take up to only three days.

February 2018: After ghosting for a month, business finally issuing cheque

After waiting for three days, Hong claimed that she never did receive the refund.

She then tried contacting the business owner for a month until a staff from the shop finally replied her that they will be issuing a cheque to her.

In order to prove themselves, a picture of a cheque was also sent to Hong, dated Feb. 2, 2018.

Hong requested to collect the cheque from the shop, but they apparently ignored her request and deposited the cheque on her behalf anyway.

Cheque not reflected in bank statement

One week later, Hong still did not receive the refund and proceeded to call the business owner again, but her calls and messages were left unanswered.

After two weeks, Hong finally managed to get hold of the business owner and told her that she has yet to receive the cheque refund the company had allegedly deposited.

Hong even took the liberty to check with OCBC Bank (where the cheque is issued) and POSB Bank (where the cheque should be deposited) on the status of the cheque.

However, she was told by POSB that they have no records of the cheque.

March 2018: Accountant allegedly went to wrong bank

A month later, the business owner apparently told Hong that the accountant deposited the cheque into the wrong bank and was told that she will be receiving a new one.

Again, Hong wanted to collect the cheque from the shop personally in order to prevent a similar mishap.

Second cheque ready for collection…

Enjoue Events informed Hong that the cheque was ready and sent her a photo of a cheque dated March 14.

Hong then told them that she will make her way to the shop to collect it.

… But customer’s request neglected. Again.

Alas, after Hong requested to collect the cheque personally, Enjoue Events allegedly told her that they have dropped the cheque into a cheque deposit box in Toa Payoh.

Hong was left with no choice but to wait for the money to be deposited into her account and surprise, surprise — it never did.

She tried to get a hold of the business owner, but her calls and messaged were ignored.

Business owner had “no time” for disgruntled customer

Hong then decided to go down to the shop to look for the business owner. However, she was not in.

Her staff then called her and when Hong managed to talk to her, she got the following response:

“She told me she had issue the cheque to me how can I blame her if I never received it.”

The business owner also told her to print out her account statement as proof and allegedly dismissed her, saying she had “no time” for her as she was busy having a business meeting and told Hong to get her staff to verify her bank statement.

However, when Hong asked for the business’ bank statement to see if the money was indeed deducted from their account, she claimed that the business owner “dare not show”.

After Hong proved to her staff that the money really was not deposited into her account, the business owner allegedly told her to “get out from her shop” and to not disturb her staff.

Present: Ghosted again.

At a loss as to what to do, Hong contacted POSB Bank to check on the status of the second cheque (the one that was allegedly deposited in Toa Payoh) but was told that they did not receive the cheque at all.

A representative from a POSB Bank in Toa Payoh apparently reached out to Hong, who told her that the cheque could have been deposited in either of the following branches:

  1. POSB Bank at Housing Development Board (HDB) Hub
  2. POSB ATM teller, near Toa Payoh interchange

She tried to reach out to the business owner of Enjoue Events, but was ghosted once again.

Speaking to Mothership on April 20, Enjoue Events shared that “all is good now”.

“The matter have (sic) been resolved amicably yesterday (April 19).”

Familiar name

If you’re wondering why Enjoue Events sounds so familiar, that’s because they were previously accused of copying another local bakery.

They have also provided desserts to influencers such as Naomi Neo and Hong Qiu Ting.

Poorly-rated on Yelp

Enjoue Events, however, has a consistent one-star rating on Yelp and these dissatisfied customers faced issues such as no-shows and poor customer service.

Here’s the full post, which has since been deleted:

Top image via Enjoue Events’ Instagram page

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